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Our Products:

We strive to build enduring relationships and generate significant value by listening and working together with our customers. We believe that our reputation is intimately tied to the success of each project, so we place highest value on assuring full and complete client satisfaction, with an emphasis on product quality and job site safety.


Industrial anti-foam that is 100% biodegradable and works for extreme high/low pH

Unwanted foaming can be problematic in many commercial, manufacturing and industrial process applications, consequently it requires careful control measures to minimise or eliminate its impact.

To ensure that such systems are well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times. This can be achieved using carefully selected antifoams and defoamers.

Cogent 5x

“Green” industrial cleaner & degreaser that can be used wherever water is used.  Used in conveyor systems, naval and coast guard vessels, food processing environments and commercial transport aircraft


  • Nonhazardous
  • Boeing certified
  • 100% biodegradable
  • USDA / FDA / OSHA Compliant
  • Dilute for use
  • Removes oil and grease

Pond & Fountain Renew

Complete pond, lake & septic tank rehabilitation system


  • Protects surfaces
  • Improves turbidity, oxygen levels
  • Breaks down organic wastes
  • Aids in insect control
  • Reduces protein, organic carbon content, chloride, sulfites, phosphorus and nitrogen
  • Keeps animal cages fresh
  • Cleans drains and black mold
  • Reduces or eliminates odors
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Reduces labor expenses

Warren Epoxy

Warren structural reinforcement for application under the most punishing conditions, from wet surfaces, to corrosive environments, to temperature extremes.  Application is via solvent-free plural component spray system, or by hand troweling and spin casting.


Descaling system, salt removal, corrosion inhibitor


  • Cleans and unplugs
  • Reduces water hardness
  • Protects pumps and valves
  • Prevents scale formation
  • Removes mineral deposits
  • Improves soil permeability
  • Increases plant uptake rates
  • Increases water infiltration rates

Pipe & Well Renew

A complete pipe and well rehab system that is nonhazardous, nonflammable, EPA compliant and NAVSEA approved. Developed for removing water hardness scale, tuberculation and corrosion deposits found in piping and process equipment.


  • Organically inhibited mineral acids
  • Stable mixture
  • Tested to conform to the requirements of Standard 60 for drinking water chemicals
  • Pipe & Well Renew HCL & 950

Warren Environmental Epoxy

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